The 5th year ski trip to Italy was definitely an unforgettable experience for the students of Scoil Mhuire agus Íde. This outing was supervised by Mr Lane, Ms Reidy, Ms Hayes, Ms Carmody, Mr O’Brien and Mr Kiely. The trip began after midnight on the 24th February when the students travelled by bus to the airport. Everyone passed out on the bus, no one could keep their eyes open after waking up at such a god-awful hour. 

After a plane and two bus rides the 5th years were full of excitement to finally get on the slopes. This trip was the chance of a lifetime and they weren’t going to waste a second of it. On the first day the students were given ski gear and assigned hotel rooms. They got a good night seep and they were all set for skiing the following morning. 

Their first day on the ski slopes was very memorable. Students were falling down left, right and centre. The teachers were in stitches laughing at them. That evening students went tubing and this was definitely a highlight for all of them. They were flying down the snow at unbelievable speeds and even the teachers joined in. They spent all the time they could on the ski slopes, learning and falling. They even had races down the slopes against the teachers. Mr O’Brien was snowboarding with the students and took videos of their ‘incredible’ skiing. Some students could have a shot at the next Olympics! 

All the teachers were extremely helpful and brought students down all the different types of slopes. The students used the ski lifts to get to the different slopes and were left breathless by the perfect view. This trip was sure to be an unforgettable experience. It was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime and hopefully there will be more ski trips for future classes.

By Eileen Collins

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