Extra Curricular


Invigorate a passion for STEM with robotics!

VEX is a STEM learning system designed to develop crucial problem-solving skills and computational thinking that will serve students through school and beyond.
VEX Robotics is a fun, exciting program where students design, build, program and compete with their robot in a spectacular competition.
VEX robotics is a metal-based robotic platform with bolt-together pieces that are machinable to create any mechanism. Students can begin at any level and move to more advanced engineering concepts as they explore and challenge their robotic designs and programs. The VEX V5 Brain enables wireless driving and wireless programming while the V5 Controller provides users with instant feedback from the Robot Brain.

VEX Robotics Competitions ignite the competitive spirit! Every year, a new VRC game is introduced. In preparation for competition, teams machine a robot that can excel within the game’s rules and regulations to score as many points as possible. Competitions are held across the country both regional and provincial and culminate at the VEX Robotics National Championship in CIT in March.