Extra Curricular


SMI is very proud of our choir who sing both for pleasure and in a competitive field. Through the choir students have the opportunity to realise their full musical potential in terms of creativity, enjoyment and appreciation. The choir is made up of both male and female students. The choir is not just about singing, some students express their music instrumentally, including playing the violin, the harp, the drums etc. The SMI choir play a significant role in the much acclaimed Lion’s Club charity Christmas Musical recital and in our beautiful school liturgical celebrations including the Leaving Certificate graduation ceremony. The SMI choir performs in national competitions also. 

Trad Group
SMI also has a Traditional Irish Music Group. This groups performs at numerous school events and local concerts and working in conjunction with the choir call to local care homes to perform at Christmas helping to get all into the Christmas spirit.

School Musicals
When sixth year students recall their favourite memories of their time in SMI, the school musical is always listed. Students from 1st to 6th year have the opportunity to audition for roles and all students are encouraged to participate in the production of our school musicals. Some will build the stage, others will design the set, some will manage the stage and many will perform on stage. The show usually takes place in early December and the standards of our productions are of the highest quality. SMI musical productions include: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Grease, High school Musical, Thank you For the Music-Mamma Mia.