December 14, 2020

Limericks for Limerick

‘Limericks for Limerick’

"Today is the day,

Limerick and Waterford are about to play

With all of their tricks,

Tom Morrisey with flicks,

Go out and play, it's your day!"

                   By Grace Kelly

Seamus Flanagan with a hurl in hand,

In the full forward line he will stand,

Limerick will bring home Liam McCarthy,

We will eventually be able to party!

And "Dreams" will be played by the band"

   By Gavin Fitzgibbon

His name is Kyle Hayes,

He is a big craze

He is great on goal,

And never hits the pole,

His name is Kyle Hayes, he leaves us a daze

       By Molly Danaher

His name is Cian,

He wears the colour green,

He will carry his team,

And they will lift Liam,

And that's all about the great Cian

         By Molly Danaher

Tom Condon wears green,

An absolute machine,

When the hurls are in hand,

The Blue and White will get a land

Oh, I cannot wait to see the big screen!

       By David Moloney

Aaron Gillane

Is our main man,

Put the ball into him,

And we will get the win,

Yes I believe that we can!

         By Robert O'Grady

Our manager is John Kiely,

He isn't very smiley,

Hopefully on Sunday,

It will be our fun day

And we will all be smiling highly!

          By Ronan O'Connor

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