December 11, 2020

Poetry by Arron Toomey


When the passive air fills my lungs for the last time

What of me will be left?

My listlessness blues unfurled

Draining the  essence of my being

Drop by drop

Like the wringing of a fragile cloth

The well of sorrow has no end

Never truly knowing where it begins

Darkness engulfs any rational ideals

Replaced with murky logic

Not one of a timid mind

The air passes out

And the dimness closes in

A paltry light stands out in the corner

Upon further inspection it reveals itself

 As a gargantuan oak tree

And another

Until there is a dozen of them

Illustrated with fresh green leaves

The sun surveying the boundless beauty of the land 

I currently occupy

In this moment

Light, joy and love are so tangible

Troubles long afar, unheard of here

It is only fleeting, like most joyous instances

And I see a dark aura creeping over the foliage

I cock my head to the other side

Seeing life a plenty

Clouds sauntering along the azure sky

Dandelions, ablaze in a golden bliss

The oak trees permeated in wisdom

Dancing to natures’ soothing tune

To the syncopation of my last breath

They set me free


Baby born sleeping, undisturbed

Not even by the cries of the broken

The brisk heartbeats pulsating around

To watch the funeral take place

Little baby girl, where did you go?

I can’t find your soul amongst the fireflies

Illuminating the night sky 

But you’ll arrive there soon

The mother holds her child’s hands

For just a little while

And her heart forever

White Noise

The warm industrial buzz greets the room

A firm handshake

Churning to life in an instant 

Lavender wool sewn into the filter

While the water tank sloshes away

Like silent tides in the sea

They call it ‘white noise’

I’d be inclined to agree

It is pure and delicate if you listen closely

A lullaby waiting to be sung to the newborn

The emanating from the grates

Warms even the coldest souls

The constant cacophony of the dryer

Lays a blanket over me

In the brief moment it pauses

The silence pierces my ears like a jet engine

Was in motion

Before returning to breathe once again

And gives me the warmest hug

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