January 11, 2023

Senior Ladies Football

By Laura Browne (TY)

The Senior Ladies Footballers played Bantry on the Wed 11th of January 2023 in Bishopstown, Cork. SMI's team arrived at the pitch at 11am to prepare for the match, throw-in was at 12. The weather conditions were against both teams on the day, it was a wet and windy day.

SMI got the first score of the game but Bantry were quick to match their score, weather conditions proved to be difficult throughout the match but SMI took the lead in the first half and carried it through to the second half. 

SMI added to their score in the second half taking a further lead showing their skill and determination to win. The match ended with 12 minutes to go due to the bad weather.

The final score of the match was 9-12 to 2-3. We are very proud of our Senior Ladies football team and their captain Ellie Woulfe and trainer Ms. Amy Breen.

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