October 25, 2022

U15 Football

By Leon O'Flynn (2nd Year)

On Tues 25th October SMI’s U15 Football team played Hospital in Hospital. SMI arrived at the pitch at 12 o'clock and the match started at half 12 which allowed us to do a quick warm up. At half 12 we lined up and the ball was thrown in. Hospital got off to a very strong start and got a few quick goals. Before halftime one of their best players was sent off so they were down to 14 players. Half time came and we were down by 14 points. The ball was thrown in to start the second half and we got off to a great start, the comeback was on. In the final few minutes we were down by one point but hospital got a free and scored a goal to finish the game. In the end we lost by 4 points.

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